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220 Area Code

Area code 220 is in Ohio (OH), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Newark, Marion, Athens, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since April 22, 2015, area code 220 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 740/220 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 220 is 06:19:05 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

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Map of area code 220

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220 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
220-200 Frazeysburg 3/17/2016
220-201 Zanesville 4/13/2015
220-202 Tiltosnville 1/26/2018
220-203 Zanesville 3/25/2019
220-204 Baltimore 12/9/2020
220-205 Kilbourne 3/30/2021
220-206 The Plains 3/31/2021
220-207 Lancaster 4/15/2021
220-208 Zanesville 4/15/2021
220-209 Steubenville 4/16/2021
220-210 New Concord 3/30/2021
220-212 Pataskala 5/7/2021
220-213 Amanda 6/18/2021
220-214 Danville 6/22/2021
220-215 Ironton 8/12/2021
220-216 Morristown 9/3/2021
220-217 Sunbury 9/3/2021
220-218 Athens 12/15/2021
220-219 Pataskala 1/4/2022
220-220 Alexandria 2/11/2020
220-221 Marion 4/2021
220-222 Roseville 8/30/2017
220-223 Cheshire Center 1/11/2022
220-224 Athens 2/23/2022
220-225 Belpre 2/28/2022
220-226 Amanda 2/11/2020
220-227 Athens 4/14/2022
220-228 Pataskala 5/20/2022
220-229 Chesterhill 6/27/2022
220-230 Thornville 9/3/2021
220-231 Johnstown 7/19/2022
220-232 Athens 8/9/2022
220-233 Resaca 8/9/2022
220-234 Martins Ferry 2/12/2020
220-235 Zanesville 8/10/2022
220-236 Chester 8/23/2022
220-237 Wellston 9/14/2022
220-238 Pataskala 10/3/2022
220-239 Marion 11/2022
220-240 Chesapeake 11/2022
220-241 Zanesville 11/16/2022
220-242 Lancaster 12/6/2022
220-243 Athens 12/14/2022
220-244 Delaware 01/04/2023
220-245 Walnut 02/02/2023
220-246 Pataskala 03/09/2023
220-247 Cheshire Center 03/31/2023
220-248 Athens 04/20/2023
220-270 Croton 3/22/2016
220-272 Croton 1/6/2021
220-299 Newcomerstown 6/14/2021
220-300 Wilkesville 7/2020
220-324 New Marshfield 11/2022
220-333 Roseville 9/2017
220-345 Letart Falls 8/3/2021
220-348 Adamsville 6/11/2021
220-356 Byesville 2/12/2020
220-386 Chesapeake 6/11/2021
220-399 Nelsonnville 6/14/2021
220-400 Chesterhill 2/12/2020
220-432 Fultonham 6/11/2021
220-440 Frazeysburg 1/6/2021
220-444 Mingo Junction 9/15/2017
220-465 Pataskala 2/12/2020
220-499 Marietta 6/11/2021
220-500 Millersport 1/19/2021
220-529 Old Washington 2/12/2020
220-564 Newark 11/19/2015
220-577 Zanesville 6/15/2021
220-599 Laurelville 6/11/2021
220-600 Scio 6/30/2020
220-666 Baltimore 10/6/2017
220-667 Barnesville 6/11/2021
220-677 Williamsport 6/15/2021
220-678 Somerset 8/24/2022
220-699 Idaho 6/11/2021
220-710 Portsmouth 10/8/2019
220-732 Athens 6/11/2021
220-740 Lower Salem 11/2022
220-758 Reinersville/ Hackney 2/12/2020
220-766 Walnut 2/12/2020
220-777 Coshocton 12/21/2018
220-786 Crooksville 6/11/2021
220-788 New Holland 6/14/2021
220-799 Guyan 6/11/2021
220-800 West Lafayette 1/25/2019
220-837 Chillicoth 2/9/2021
220-842 Wellston 2/12/2020
220-877 Prospect 6/15/2021
220-888 Rushville 9/2017
220-899 Graysville 6/11/2021
220-900 Sugar Grove 5/8/2019
220-901 Guysville 11/16/2021
220-902 Barlow 11/16/2021
220-946 Cooperdale 6/11/2021
220-977 Pleasantville 6/14/2021
220-999 Newport 9/15/2017
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.
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Cities in area code 220

City1 County Time2
Adamsville Muskingum E
Adelphi Ross E
Adena Jefferson E
Albany Athens E
Alexandria Licking E
Alledonia Belmont E
Amanda Fairfield E
Amesville Athens E
Amsterdam Jefferson E
Ashley Delaware E
Ashville Pickaway E
Athens Athens E
Ava Noble E
Bainbridge Ross E
Baltimore Fairfield E
Bannock Belmont E
Barlow Washington E
Barnesville Belmont E
Bartlett Washington E
Barton Belmont E
Beallsville Monroe E
Beaver Pike E
Bellaire Belmont E
Belle Valley Noble E
Belmont Belmont E
Belpre Washington E
Bergholz Jefferson E
Bethesda Belmont E
Beverly Washington E
Bidwell Gallia E
Bladensburg Knox E
Blaine Belmont E
Blissfield Coshocton E
Bloomingburg Fayette E
Bloomingdale Jefferson E
Blue Rock Muskingum E
Bourneville Ross E
Bowerston Harrison E
Bremen Fairfield E
Bridgeport Belmont E
Brilliant Jefferson E
Brinkhaven Knox E
Brownsville Licking E
Buchtel Athens E
Buckeye Lake Licking E
Buffalo Guernsey E
Byesville Guernsey E
Cadiz Harrison E
Caldwell Noble E
Cambridge Guernsey E
Cameron Monroe E
Carbon Hill Hocking E
Carbondale Athens E
Centerburg Knox E
Chandlersville Muskingum E
Chauncey Athens E
Chesapeake Lawrence E
Cheshire Gallia E
Chester Meigs E
Chesterhill Morgan E
Chillicothe Ross E
Circleville Pickaway E
Clarington Monroe E
Clarksburg Ross E
Coal Run Washington E
Coalton Jackson E
Colerain Belmont E
Conesville Coshocton E
Coolville Athens E
Corning Perry E
Coshocton Coshocton E
Creola Vinton E
Crooksville Perry E
Croton Licking E
Crown City Gallia E
Cumberland Guernsey E
Cutler Washington E
Cynthiana Pike E
Danville Knox E
Deersville Harrison E
Delaware Delaware E
Dennison Tuscarawas E
Derwent Guernsey E
Dexter City Noble E
Dillonvale Jefferson E
Dresden Muskingum E
Duncan Falls Muskingum E
East Fultonham Muskingum E
East Springfield Jefferson E
Empire Jefferson E
Etna Licking E
Fairpoint Belmont E
Fairview Guernsey E
Fleming Washington E
Flushing Belmont E
Frankfort Ross E
Franklin Furnace Scioto E
Frazeysburg Muskingum E
Fredericktown Knox E
Freeport Harrison E
Fresno Coshocton E
Friendship Scioto E
Fultonham Muskingum E
Galena Delaware E
Gallipolis Gallia E
Gambier Knox E
Glencoe Belmont E
Glenford Perry E
Glouster Athens E
Gnadenhutten Tuscarawas E
Granville Licking E
Gratiot Licking E
Graysville Monroe E
Green Camp Marion E
Guysville Athens E
Hallsville Ross E
Hamden Vinton E
Hammondsville Jefferson E
Hannibal Monroe E
Harpster Wyandot E
Harrisville Harrison E
Haverhill Scioto E
Haydenville Hocking E
Heath Licking E
Hebron Licking E
Hockingport Athens E
Holloway Belmont E
Homer Licking E
Hopedale Harrison E
Hopewell Muskingum E
Howard Knox E
Irondale Jefferson E
Ironton Lawrence E
Jackson Jackson E
Jacksontown Licking E
Jacksonville Athens E
Jacobsburg Belmont E
Jasper Pike E
Jeffersonville Fayette E
Jerusalem Monroe E
Jewett Harrison E
Johnstown Licking E
Junction City Perry E
Keene Coshocton E
Kerr Gallia E
Kilbourne Delaware E
Kimbolton Guernsey E
Kingston Ross E
Kipling Guernsey E
Kirkersville Licking E
Kitts Hill Lawrence E
La Rue Marion E
Lafferty Belmont E
Laings Monroe E
Lancaster Fairfield E
Langsville Meigs E
Lansing Belmont E
Latham Pike E
Laurelville Hocking E
Leesville Carroll E
Lewis Center Delaware E
Lewisville Monroe E
Lithopolis Fairfield E
Little Hocking Washington E
Logan Hocking E
London Madison E
Londonderry Ross E
Long Bottom Meigs E
Lore City Guernsey E
Lowell Washington E
Lower Salem Washington E
Lucasville Scioto E
Macksburg Washington E
Malaga Monroe E
Malta Morgan E
Marietta Washington E
Marion Marion E
Martins Ferry Belmont E
Martinsburg Knox E
Maynard Belmont E
Mc Arthur Vinton E
Mc Dermott Scioto E
McConnelsville Morgan E
Middleport Meigs E
Milledgeville Fayette E
Millersport Fairfield E
Millfield Athens E
Minford Scioto E
Mingo Junction Jefferson E
Morral Marion E
Morristown Belmont E
Mount Liberty Knox E
Mount Perry Perry E
Mount Pleasant Jefferson E
Mount Sterling Madison E
Mount Vernon Knox E
Moxahala Perry E
Murray City Hocking E
Nashport Muskingum E
Neffs Belmont E
Nelsonville Athens E
Nevada Wyandot E
New Athens Harrison E
New Bloomington Marion E
New Concord Muskingum E
New Holland Pickaway E
New Lexington Perry E
New Marshfield Athens E
New Matamoras Washington E
New Plymouth Vinton E
New Rumley Harrison E
New Straitsville Perry E
Newark Licking E
Newcomerstown Tuscarawas E
Newport Washington E
Norwich Muskingum E
Oak Hill Jackson E
Old Washington Guernsey E
Ostrander Delaware E
Otway Scioto E
Pataskala Licking E
Patriot Gallia E
Pedro Lawrence E
Philo Muskingum E
Piedmont Belmont E
Piketon Pike E
Piney Fork Jefferson E
Plainfield Coshocton E
Pleasant City Guernsey E
Pleasantville Fairfield E
Pomeroy Meigs E
Port Washington Tuscarawas E
Portland Meigs E
Portsmouth Scioto E
Powhatan Point Belmont E
Proctorville Lawrence E
Prospect Marion E
Quaker City Guernsey E
Racine Meigs E
Radnor Delaware E
Rarden Scioto E
Ray Vinton E
Rayland Jefferson E
Reedsville Meigs E
Reno Washington E
Richmond Jefferson E
Richmond Dale Ross E
Richwood Union E
Rio Grande Gallia E
Rock Camp Lawrence E
Rockbridge Hocking E
Roseville Muskingum E
Rushville Fairfield E
Rutland Meigs E
Salesville Guernsey E
Sarahsville Noble E
Sardis Monroe E
Scio Harrison E
Scioto Furnace Scioto E
Scottown Lawrence E
Sedalia Madison E
Senecaville Guernsey E
Shade Meigs E
Shadyside Belmont E
Sharpsburg Athens E
Shawnee Perry E
Sherrodsville Carroll E
Smithfield Jefferson E
Somerset Perry E
South Bloomingville Hocking E
South Point Lawrence E
South Webster Scioto E
St Clairsville Belmont E
St Louisville Licking E
Stafford Monroe E
Steubenville Jefferson E
Stewart Athens E
Stillwater Tuscarawas E
Stockdale Pike E
Stockport Morgan E
Stoutsville Fairfield E
Stratton Jefferson E
Sugar Grove Fairfield E
Summerfield Noble E
Summit Station Licking E
Sunbury Delaware E
Sycamore Valley Monroe E
Syracuse Meigs E
Tarlton Pickaway E
The Plains Athens E
Thornville Perry E
Thurman Gallia E
Thurston Fairfield E
Tiltonsville Jefferson E
Tippecanoe Harrison E
Toronto Jefferson E
Trimble Athens E
Trinway Muskingum E
Tuppers Plains Meigs E
Tuscarawas Tuscarawas E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 220. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 06:19:05 PM).
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