272 Area Code

Area code 272 is in Pennsylvania (PA), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Scranton, Hazleton, Bloomsburg, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since October 21, 2013, area code 272 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 570/272 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 272 is 06:19:13 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

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272 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-200 Stroudsburg N/A
272-201 Stroudsburg 3/31/2016
272-202 Williamsport 9/26/2014
272-203 Bloomsburg 4/27/2016
272-204 Friedensburg 9/2016
272-205 Mantzville N/A
272-206 Watsontown 5/23/2017
272-207 Scranton 6/5/2017
272-208 Pottsville 9/28/2016
272-209 Williamsport 9/21/2016
272-212 Stroudsburg 3/24/2016
272-213 Saylorsburg N/A
272-214 Clarks Summit 2/21/2018
272-215 Williamsport 2/21/2018
272-216 Honesdale 2/22/2018
272-217 Brooklyn 6/29/2018
272-218 Northumberland 7/23/2018
272-219 Mount Pocono 9/28/2016
272-220 Middleburg 3/8/2018
272-221 Pottsville N/A
272-222 Beaver Springs 4/2014
272-223 Hazleton 7/31/2018
272-224 Pottsville 7/31/2018
272-225 Weatherly 9/6/2016
272-226 Berwick 11/9/2018
272-227 Ashland 4/9/2019
272-228 Scranton 12/12/2018
272-229 Chapman Lake 4/13/2020
272-230 Williamsport 5/8/2019
272-231 Selinsgrove 9/6/2019
272-232 Dalton 10/15/2019
272-233 Pocono Lake 10/16/2019
272-234 Towanda 10/16/2019
272-235 Scranton 10/9/2019
272-236 Williamsport N/A
272-237 Bloomsburg 2/10/2020
272-238 Sunbury 4/27/2020
272-239 Wallenpaupack 4/22/2020
272-240 Mcadoo 4/29/2020
272-241 Mount Carmel 3/8/2019
272-242 Jermyn 5/7/2020
272-243 Orwigsburg 5/18/2020
272-244 Sunbury 7/2021
272-245 Pottsville 8/17/2020
272-246 Mount Pocono 10/12/2020
272-247 Middlebury Center 10/2020
272-248 Ashland 10/27/2020
272-249 Scranton 10/2020
272-250 Scranton 1/28/2021
272-251 Laporte 12/11/2020
272-252 Lords Valley 11/12/2020
272-253 Thompson 1/11/2021
272-254 Woolrich 2/10/2021
272-255 Tunkhannock 2/23/2021
272-256 New Philadelphia 5/13/2020
272-257 Honesdale 2/23/2021
272-258 Giradville 1/28/2021
272-259 New Milford 4/14/2022
272-260 Pittston 4/2021
272-261 Frackville 5/13/2020
272-262 Bushkill 4/18/2021
272-263 Auburn 4/21/2021
272-264 Millville 7/16/2021
272-265 Mantzville 4/24/2021
272-266 Catawissa 4/16/2020
272-267 Thompson 9/3/2021
272-268 Wilkes-Barre 10/27/2014
272-269 Washingtonville 7/21/2021
272-270 Bloomsburg 6/20/2018
272-271 Stroudsburg 5/13/2020
272-273 Lake Winola 10/5/2020
272-274 Canton 6/9/2021
272-275 Milton 4/30/2021
272-276 Hazleton 9/3/2021
272-277 Matamoras 5/13/2020
272-278 Mansfield 6/24/2021
272-279 Olyphant 7/22/2021
272-280 Saylorsburg 12/8/2021
272-281 Tunkhannock 11/18/2021
272-282 Mckeansburg 9/6/2016
272-283 Mill Hall 12/8/2021
272-284 Pleasant Mount 4/26/2022
272-285 Pleasant Mount 12/15/2021
272-286 New Milford 5/27/2022
272-287 Pittston 5/27/2022
272-288 Cresco 6/18/2021
272-289 Williamsport 1/14/2022
272-290 Danville 6/18/2021
272-291 Tamaqua 12/8/2021
272-292 Beaver Springs 4/21/2021
272-293 Carbondale 7/8/2022
272-294 Avis 8/12/2022
272-295 Bloomsburg 8/23/2016
272-296 Lansford 9/2022
272-297 Selinsgrove 9/2022
272-298 Trucksville 9/2022
272-299 Little Meadows 5/24/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-300 Pleasant Mount 10/10/2022
272-301 Wilkes-Barre 10/10/2022
272-302 Elysburg 6/18/2021
272-303 Pittston 10/25/2022
272-304 Honesdale 11/4/2022
272-305 Lewisburg 11/15/2022
272-306 Berwick 11/15/2022
272-307 Pittston 11/17/2022
272-308 New Milford 12/12/2022
272-309 Scranton 02/07/2023
272-310 Pleasant Mount 02/09/2023
272-312 Galilee 02/22/2023
272-313 Hamlin 10/14/2021
272-314 Wapwallopen 03/03/2023
272-315 Hazleton 03/08/2023
272-316 Schuylkill Haven 03/16/2023
272-317 Kingston 04/11/2023
272-318 Stroudsburg 04/11/2023
272-319 Pittston 04/21/2023
272-320 New Milford 04/21/2023
272-321 Pleasant Mount 04/21/2023
272-322 Kingston 3/24/2021
272-323 Frackville 05/02/2023
272-327 White Haven 10/25/2022
272-333 Frackville 6/26/2015
272-335 Shamokin 5/16/2017
272-336 Hawley 8/3/2017
272-344 Shohola 3/30/2021
272-345 Loyalsock 7/6/2020
272-353 Roseville 1/11/2022
272-356 Shickshiny 9/7/2021
272-359 Giradville 5/9/2017
272-372 Brookside 4/21/2021
272-373 Freeland 6/18/2021
272-377 Friedensburg 6/18/2021
272-381 Schuylkill Haven 9/6/2016
272-382 Carbondale 4/13/2021
272-383 Loganton 1/14/2022

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-400 Lake Ariel 6/6/2018
272-409 Millerton 5/24/2018
272-420 Stroudsburg 8/18/2017
272-422 Dingmans Ferry 5/17/2017
272-424 Towanda 1/5/2022
272-426 Nuremberg 2/14/2022
272-433 Millville 5/22/2017
272-435 Hazleton N/A
272-437 Newfoundland 2/2022
272-442 Mckeansburg 1/20/2022
272-443 St Clair 2/28/2022
272-444 Selinsgrove 4/6/2016
272-445 Noxen 4/23/2021
272-446 Wilkes-Barre 8/31/2021
272-447 Wilkes-Barre 10/7/2020
272-448 Sayre 5/26/2021
272-462 Wellsboro 1/7/2022
272-463 Nicholson 2/2022
272-464 Mount Pleasant Mills 1/26/2022
272-466 Woolrich 2/16/2016
272-467 Middleburg 10/11/2021
272-483 Milton 8/4/2017

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-500 Beach Lake 7/22/2020
272-529 Chapman Lake 9/7/2021
272-568 Harveys Lake 1/11/2022

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-600 Conyngham Drums 7/22/2020
272-624 Mountain Top 1/26/2022
272-632 Pittston 1/5/2022
272-633 Muhlenburg 1/5/2022
272-634 Berwick 10/6/2021
272-636 Dingmans Ferry 6/10/2021
272-637 Leroy 1/14/2022
272-638 Center Moreland 1/11/2022
272-639 Lansford 4/30/2018
272-642 Orangeville 2/17/2022
272-662 Nesquehoning 2/2022
272-663 Moscow 1/21/2022
272-664 Minersville 1/21/2022
272-666 Tamaqua 4/7/2016
272-672 Taylor 3/7/2022
272-676 New Milford 1/10/2022
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-722 Clarks Summit 1/22/2021
272-727 Rome 2/18/2022
272-732 Sweet Valley 11/3/2022
272-746 Kulpmont 1/14/2022
272-762 Stroudsburg 10/24/2016
272-763 Lake Como 1/14/2022
272-766 Lock Haven 7/6/2020
272-770 Scranton 8/16/2016
272-772 Scranton 9/13/2021
272-776 Nuangola 2/9/2022
272-777 Galilee 8/29/2014
272-782 Numidia 2/11/2022
272-786 Kulpmont 4/7/2017
272-788 Lewisburg 7/6/2020
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-800 Scranton 3/21/2019
272-808 Wilkes-Barre 5/25/2016
272-822 Jersey Shore 7/6/2020
272-832 Shamokin 1/10/2022
272-837 Troy 1/9/2022
272-867 Scranton 5/9/2017
272-879 Jim Thorpe 4/6/2021
272-888 Hamlin 4/2014
272-892 Scranton 2/23/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
272-900 Pottsville 8/18/2021
272-922 Selinsgrove 10/25/2022
272-992 Auburn 3/17/2021
272-999 Beach Lake 6/26/2015
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date. N/A - mostly CO codes assigned before 2001.
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Cities in area code 272

City1 County Time2
Alba Bradford E
Albrightsville Carbon E
Allenwood Union E
Analomink Monroe E
Andreas Schuylkill E
Antes Fort Lycoming E
Archbald Lackawanna E
Aristes Columbia E
Arnot Tioga E
Ashland Schuylkill E
Athens Bradford E
Auburn Schuylkill E
Avis Clinton E
Barnesville Schuylkill E
Bartonsville Monroe E
Beach Haven Luzerne E
Beach Lake Wayne E
Bear Creek Luzerne E
Beaver Meadows Carbon E
Beaver Springs Snyder E
Beavertown Snyder E
Beech Creek Clinton E
Benton Columbia E
Berwick Columbia E
Blakeslee Monroe E
Blanchard Centre E
Bloomsburg Columbia E
Blossburg Tioga E
Brackney Susquehanna E
Branchdale Schuylkill E
Brockton Schuylkill E
Brodheadsville Monroe E
Brooklyn Susquehanna E
Buck Hill Falls Monroe E
Burlington Bradford E
Bushkill Pike E
Cambra Luzerne E
Cammal Lycoming E
Camptown Bradford E
Canadensis Monroe E
Canton Bradford E
Carbondale Lackawanna E
Castanea Clinton E
Catawissa Columbia E
Cedar Run Lycoming E
Chinchilla Lackawanna E
Clarks Summit Lackawanna E
Clifford Susquehanna E
Coal Township Northumberland E
Coaldale Schuylkill E
Cogan Station Lycoming E
Columbia Cross Roads Bradford E
Conyngham Luzerne E
Covington Tioga E
Cresco Monroe E
Cressona Schuylkill E
Cumbola Schuylkill E
Dallas Luzerne E
Dalmatia Northumberland E
Dalton Lackawanna E
Damascus Wayne E
Danville Montour E
Delano Schuylkill E
Delaware Water Gap Monroe E
Dewart Northumberland E
Dickson City Lackawanna E
Dimock Susquehanna E
Dingmans Ferry Pike E
Dornsife Northumberland E
Drifton Luzerne E
Drums Luzerne E
Duryea Luzerne E
Dushore Sullivan E
Eagles Mere Sullivan E
East Smithfield Bradford E
East Stroudsburg Monroe E
Ebervale Luzerne E
Effort Monroe E
Elmhurst Lackawanna E
Elysburg Northumberland E
Equinunk Wayne E
Exeter Luzerne E
Factoryville Wyoming E
Falls Wyoming E
Fleetville Lackawanna E
Forest City Susquehanna E
Forksville Sullivan E
Frackville Schuylkill E
Freeburg Snyder E
Freeland Luzerne E
Friedensburg Schuylkill E
Friendsville Susquehanna E
Gibson Susquehanna E
Gilberton Schuylkill E
Gillett Bradford E
Girardville Schuylkill E
Glen Lyon Luzerne E
Gordon Schuylkill E
Gouldsboro Wayne E
Granville Summit Bradford E
Great Bend Susquehanna E
Greeley Pike E
Greentown Pike E
Grover Bradford E
Hallstead Susquehanna E
Hamlin Wayne E
Harford Susquehanna E
Harleigh Luzerne E
Hartleton Union E
Harveys Lake Luzerne E
Hawley Wayne E
Hazleton Luzerne E
Hegins Schuylkill E
Henryville Monroe E
Herndon Northumberland E
Herrick Center Susquehanna E
Hillsgrove Sullivan E
Honesdale Wayne E
Hop Bottom Susquehanna E
Hughesville Lycoming E
Hummels Wharf Snyder E
Hunlock Creek Luzerne E
Huntington Mills Luzerne E
Hyner Clinton E
Jackson Susquehanna E
Jermyn Lackawanna E
Jersey Mills Lycoming E
Jersey Shore Lycoming E
Jessup Lackawanna E
Jim Thorpe Carbon E
Junedale Carbon E
Kelayres Schuylkill E
Kingsley Susquehanna E
Kingston Luzerne E
Klingerstown Schuylkill E
Kreamer Snyder E
Kulpmont Northumberland E
La Plume Lackawanna E
Laceyville Wyoming E
Lackawaxen Pike E
Lairdsville Lycoming E
Lake Ariel Wayne E
Lake Como Wayne E
Lake Harmony Carbon E
Lake Winola Wyoming E
Lakeville Wayne E
Lakewood Wayne E
Lamar Clinton E
Landingville Schuylkill E
Lanesboro Susquehanna E
Lansford Carbon E
Laporte Sullivan E
Lattimer Mines Luzerne E
Laurelton Union E
Lavelle Schuylkill E
Lawrenceville Tioga E
Lawton Susquehanna E
Le Raysville Bradford E
Leck Kill Northumberland E
Lehman Luzerne E
Lenoxville Susquehanna E
Lewisburg Union E
Liberty Tioga E
Lightstreet Columbia E
Linden Lycoming E
Little Meadows Susquehanna E
Llewellyn Schuylkill E
Lock Haven Clinton E
Locust Gap Northumberland E
Locustdale Schuylkill E
Loganton Clinton E
Long Pond Monroe E
Lopez Sullivan E
Lost Creek Schuylkill E
Luzerne Luzerne E
Mackeyville Clinton E
Mahanoy City Schuylkill E
Mahanoy Plane Schuylkill E
Mainesburg Tioga E
Mansfield Tioga E
Mar Lin Schuylkill E
Marion Heights Northumberland E
Marshalls Creek Monroe E
Mary D Schuylkill E
Matamoras Pike E
Mc Clure Mifflin E
Mc Elhattan Clinton E
Mc Ewensville Northumberland E
McAdoo Schuylkill E
Mehoopany Wyoming E
Meshoppen Wyoming E
Middleburg Snyder E
Middlebury Center Tioga E
Middleport Schuylkill E
Mifflinburg Union E
Mifflinville Columbia E
Milan Bradford E
Milanville Wayne E
Mildred Sullivan E
Milford Pike E
Mill Hall Clinton E
Millerton Tioga E
Millmont Union E
Millrift Pike E
Millville Columbia E
Milnesville Luzerne E
Milton Northumberland E
Minersville Schuylkill E
Minisink Hills Monroe E
Monroeton Bradford E
Montandon Northumberland E
Montgomery Lycoming E
Montoursville Lycoming E
Montrose Susquehanna E
Moosic Lackawanna E
Morris Tioga E
Morris Run Tioga E
Moscow Lackawanna E
Mount Bethel Northampton E
Mount Carmel Northumberland E
Mount Pleasant Mills Snyder E
Mount Pocono Monroe E
Mountain Top Luzerne E
Mountainhome Monroe E
Muir Schuylkill E
Muncy Lycoming E
Muncy Valley Sullivan E
Nanticoke Luzerne E
Nelson Tioga E
Nescopeck Luzerne E
Nesquehoning Carbon E
New Albany Bradford E
New Berlin Union E
New Columbia Union E
New Milford Susquehanna E
New Philadelphia Schuylkill E
New Ringgold Schuylkill E
Newfoundland Wayne E
Nicholson Wyoming E
North Bend Clinton E
Northumberland Northumberland E
Noxen Wyoming E
Numidia Columbia E
Nuremberg Schuylkill E
Old Forge Lackawanna E
Olyphant Lackawanna E
Oneida Schuylkill E
Orangeville Columbia E
Orson Wayne E
Orviston Centre E
Orwigsburg Schuylkill E
Paupack Pike E
Paxinos Northumberland E
Paxtonville Snyder E
Peckville Lackawanna E
Penns Creek Snyder E
Picture Rocks Lycoming E
Pine Grove Schuylkill E
Pitman Schuylkill E
Pittston Luzerne E
Pleasant Mount Wayne E
Plymouth Luzerne E
Pocono Lake Monroe E
Pocono Lake Preserve Monroe E
Pocono Manor Monroe E
Pocono Pines Monroe E
Pocono Summit Monroe E
Port Carbon Schuylkill E
Port Trevorton Snyder E
Portland Northampton E
Potts Grove Northumberland E
Pottsville Schuylkill E
Poyntelle Wayne E
Preston Park Wayne E
Prompton Wayne E
Quakake Schuylkill E
Ralston Lycoming E
Ransom Lackawanna E
Ravine Schuylkill E
Rebuck Northumberland E
Reeders Monroe E
Renovo Clinton E
Ringtown Schuylkill E
Riverside Northumberland E
Roaring Branch Tioga E
Rock Glen Luzerne E
Rome Bradford E
Rowland Pike E
Sacramento Schuylkill E
Salona Clinton E
Saylorsburg Monroe E
Sayre Bradford E
Schuylkill Haven Schuylkill E
Sciota Monroe E
Scotrun Monroe E
Scranton Lackawanna E
Selinsgrove Snyder E
Seltzer Schuylkill E
Shamokin Northumberland E
Shamokin Dam Snyder E
Shavertown Luzerne E
Shawanese Luzerne E
Shawnee On Delaware Monroe E
Shenandoah Schuylkill E
Sheppton Schuylkill E
Shickshinny Luzerne E
Shohola Pike E
Shunk Sullivan E
Skytop Monroe E
Slate Run Lycoming E
Snydertown Northumberland E
South Canaan Wayne E
South Gibson Susquehanna E
South Montrose Susquehanna E
South Sterling Wayne E
Spring Glen Schuylkill E
Springville Susquehanna E
St Clair Schuylkill E
St Johns Luzerne E
Starlight Wayne E
Starrucca Wayne E
Sterling Wayne E
Stevensville Bradford E
Stillwater Columbia E
Stroudsburg Monroe E
Sugar Run Bradford E
Sugarloaf Luzerne E
Summit Hill Carbon E
Summit Station Schuylkill E
Sunbury Northumberland E
Susquehanna Susquehanna E
Sweet Valley Luzerne E
Swengel Union E
Swiftwater Monroe E
Sybertsville Luzerne E
Sylvania Bradford E
Tafton Pike E
Tamaqua Schuylkill E
Tamiment Pike E
Tannersville Monroe E
Taylor Lackawanna E
Thompson Susquehanna E
Tioga Tioga E
Tobyhanna Monroe E
Towanda Bradford E
Tower City Schuylkill E
Tremont Schuylkill E
Tresckow Carbon E
Trevorton Northumberland E
Trout Run Lycoming E
Troxelville Snyder E
Troy Bradford E
Tunkhannock Wyoming E
Turbotville Northumberland E
Tuscarora Schuylkill E
Tyler Hill Wayne E
Tylersville Clinton E
Ulster Bradford E
Union Dale Susquehanna E
Unity House Pike E
Unityville Lycoming E
Valley View Schuylkill E
Vicksburg Union E
Wapwallopen Luzerne E
Warren Center Bradford E
Washingtonville Montour E
Waterville Lycoming E
Watsontown Northumberland E
Waverly Lackawanna E
Waymart Wayne E
Weatherly Carbon E
Weikert Union E
Wellsboro Tioga E
West Milton Union E
Weston Luzerne E
Westport Clinton E
White Deer Union E
White Haven Luzerne E
White Mills Wayne E
Wilburton Columbia E
Wilkes-Barre Luzerne E
Williamsport Lycoming E
Winfield Union E
Woolrich Clinton E
Wyalusing Bradford E
Wyoming Luzerne E
Wysox Bradford E
Zion Grove Schuylkill E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 272. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 06:19:13 PM).
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