364 Area Code

Area code 364 is in Kentucky (KY), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Henderson, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since March 03, 2014, area code 364 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 270/364 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

Area code 364 spans two different time zones. The current time is either 06:19:26 PM (Eastern Time Zone) or 05:19:26 PM (Central Time Zone), depending on where you are calling (city list on this page includes time zones).

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Map of area code 364

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364 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
364-200 Jordan 8/19/2020
364-201 Bowling Green 9/16/2019
364-202 Jordan 11/9/2018
364-203 Bowling Green 6/5/2020
364-204 Oak Grove 8/31/2020
364-205 Bowling Green 1/27/2021
364-206 Auburn 2/8/2021
364-207 Elkton 2/8/2021
364-208 Campbellsville 2/8/2021
364-209 Bradfordsville 4/15/2021
364-210 Princeton 10/15/2021
364-212 Jordan 4/15/2021
364-213 Bowling Green 10/25/2021
364-214 Bee Spring 8/8/2022
364-215 Campbellsville 8/25/2022
364-216 Radcliff 2/4/2022
364-217 Oak Grove 9/8/2021
364-218 Owensboro 04/27/2023
364-219 Bowling Greeen 2/2022
364-220 Beaver Dam 4/15/2021
364-221 Columbus 4/15/2021
364-222 Bessie Bend 4/9/2019
364-232 Mamoth Cave 4/15/2021
364-246 Nebo 11/23/2022
364-262 Fairplay 2/9/2022
364-276 Glasgow 3/3/2022
364-300 Loretto 1/20/2021
364-333 Custer 3/21/2019
364-340 Brownsville 05/02/2023
364-360 Dixon 05/03/2023
364-365 Cecilia 6/4/2021
364-366 Oak Grove 3/2022
364-400 Jamestown 2/15/2019
364-444 Mayfield 12/6/2017
364-464 Owensboro 6/10/2022
364-488 Elizabethtown 9/8/2021
364-500 Burkesville Rural 2/15/2019
364-526 Clarkson 2/9/2022
364-547 Brandenbg 4/12/2021
364-597 Caneyville 10/2021
364-640 Hickman 05/04/2023
364-643 Bowling Green 6/10/2022
364-644 Owensboro 9/8/2021
364-646 Uniontown 05/05/2023
364-654 Elizabethtown 03/28/2023
364-664 Madisonville 6/10/2022
364-710 Elizabethtown 10/8/2019
364-728 Campbelsville 2/9/2022
364-766 Battletown 2/15/2019
364-768 Burkesville 2/9/2022
364-777 Scottsville Rural 2/15/2019
364-800 Owensboro 5/17/2019
364-844 Mayfield 05/04/2023
364-867 Owensboro 1/26/2022
364-888 Bowling Green 3/6/2017
364-895 Madisonville 11/24/2021
364-900 Bee Spring 12/17/2019
364-910 Owensboro 4/2021
364-999 Jordan 12/24/2018
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.
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Cities in area code 364

City1 County Time2
Aberdeen Butler C
Adairville Logan C
Adolphus Allen C
Allensville Todd C
Almo Calloway C
Alvaton Warren C
Arlington Carlisle C
Auburn Logan C
Austin Barren C
Bandana Ballard C
Bardwell Carlisle C
Barlow Ballard C
Baskett Henderson C
Battletown Meade E
Beaumont Metcalfe C
Beaver Dam Ohio C
Bee Spring Edmonson C
Beech Creek Muhlenberg C
Beech Grove McLean C
Beechmont Muhlenberg C
Belton Muhlenberg C
Benton Marshall C
Big Clifty Grayson C
Blackford Webster C
Boaz Graves C
Bonnieville Hart C
Bowling Green Warren C
Bradfordsville Marion E
Brandenburg Meade E
Breeding Adair C
Bremen Muhlenberg C
Browder Muhlenberg C
Brownsville Edmonson C
Buffalo Larue E
Burkesville Cumberland C
Burna Livingston C
Cadiz Trigg C
Calhoun McLean C
Calvert City Marshall C
Campbellsville Taylor E
Cane Valley Adair C
Caneyville Grayson C
Canmer Hart C
Cave City Barren C
Cecilia Hardin E
Center Metcalfe C
Centertown Ohio C
Central City Muhlenberg C
Cerulean Trigg C
Clarkson Grayson C
Clay Webster C
Cleaton Muhlenberg C
Clifty Todd C
Clinton Hickman C
Cloverport Breckinridge C
Columbia Adair C
Columbus Hickman C
Corydon Henderson C
Crayne Crittenden C
Crofton Christian C
Cromwell Ohio C
Cub Run Hart C
Cunningham Carlisle C
Curdsville Daviess C
Custer Breckinridge C
Dawson Springs Hopkins C
Dexter Calloway C
Dixon Webster C
Drake Warren C
Drakesboro Muhlenberg C
Dubre Cumberland C
Dunbar Butler C
Dundee Ohio C
Dunmor Muhlenberg C
Dycusburg Crittenden C
Earlington Hopkins C
Eastview Hardin E
Eddyville Lyon C
Edmonton Metcalfe C
Eighty Eight Barren C
Ekron Meade E
Elizabethtown Hardin E
Elk Horn Taylor E
Elkton Todd C
Etoile Barren C
Fairview Christian C
Falls Of Rough Grayson C
Fancy Farm Graves C
Farmington Graves C
Fordsville Ohio C
Fort Campbell Christian C
Fountain Run Monroe C
Franklin Simpson C
Fredonia Caldwell C
Fulton Fulton C
Gamaliel Monroe C
Garfield Breckinridge C
Gilbertsville Marshall C
Glasgow Barren C
Glendale Hardin E
Glens Fork Adair C
Gracey Christian C
Gradyville Adair C
Graham Muhlenberg C
Grand Rivers Livingston C
Gravel Switch Marion E
Greensburg Green C
Greenville Muhlenberg C
Guston Meade E
Guthrie Todd C
Hampton Livingston C
Hanson Hopkins C
Hardin Marshall C
Hardinsburg Breckinridge C
Hardyville Hart C
Harned Breckinridge C
Hartford Ohio C
Hawesville Hancock C
Hazel Calloway C
Henderson Henderson C
Herndon Christian C
Hestand Monroe C
Hickman Fulton C
Hickory Graves C
Hiseville Barren C
Hodgenville Larue E
Holland Allen C
Hopkinsville Christian C
Horse Branch Ohio C
Horse Cave Hart C
Hudson Breckinridge C
Irvington Breckinridge C
Island McLean C
Jamestown Russell C
Jetson Butler C
Kevil McCracken C
Kirksey Calloway C
Knifley Adair C
Knob Lick Metcalfe C
Kuttawa Lyon C
La Center Ballard C
LaFayette Christian C
Lebanon Marion E
Ledbetter Livingston C
Leitchfield Grayson C
Lewisburg Logan C
Lewisport Hancock C
Livermore McLean C
Loretto Marion E
Lovelaceville Ballard C
Lowes Graves C
Lucas Barren C
Lynnville Graves C
Maceo Daviess C
Madisonville Hopkins C
Magnolia Larue E
Mammoth Cave Edmonson C
Manitou Hopkins C
Mannsville Taylor E
Maple Mount Daviess C
Marion Crittenden C
Marrowbone Cumberland C
Mayfield Graves C
Mc Daniels Breckinridge C
Mc Henry Ohio C
Mc Quady Breckinridge C
Melber Graves C
Milburn Carlisle C
Millwood Grayson C
Morganfield Union C
Morgantown Butler C
Mortons Gap Hopkins C
Mount Hermon Monroe C
Mount Sherman Larue E
Muldraugh Meade E
Munfordville Hart C
Murray Calloway C
Nebo Hopkins C
Nerinx Marion E
New Concord Calloway C
Nortonville Hopkins C
Oak Grove Christian C
Oakland Warren C
Olaton Ohio C
Olmstead Logan C
Owensboro Daviess C
Paducah McCracken C
Park City Barren C
Payneville Meade E
Pellville Hancock C
Pembroke Christian C
Philpot Daviess C
Poole Webster C
Powderly Muhlenberg C
Princeton Caldwell C
Providence Webster C
Radcliff Hardin E
Raywick Marion E
Reed Henderson C
Reynolds Station Hancock C
Rhodelia Meade E
Rineyville Hardin E
Robards Henderson C
Rochester Butler C
Rockfield Warren C
Rockport Ohio C
Rocky Hill Edmonson C
Rosine Ohio C
Roundhill Edmonson C
Rumsey McLean C
Russell Springs Russell C
Russellville Logan C
Sacramento McLean C
Salem Livingston C
Scottsville Allen C
Sebree Webster C
Sedalia Graves C
Sharon Grove Todd C
Slaughters Webster C
Smith Mills Henderson C
Smithland Livingston C
Smiths Grove Warren C
Sonora Hardin E
South Carrollton Muhlenberg C
South Union Logan C
Spottsville Henderson C
St Charles Hopkins C
St Francis Marion E
St Mary Marion E
Stanley Daviess C
Stephensport Breckinridge C
Sturgis Union C
Sullivan Union C
Summer Shade Metcalfe C
Summersville Green C
Sweeden Edmonson C
Symsonia Graves C
Tiline Livingston C
Tolu Crittenden C
Tompkinsville Monroe C
Trenton Todd C
Union Star Breckinridge C
Uniontown Union C
Upton Hardin E
Utica Daviess C
Vine Grove Hardin E
Water Valley Graves C
Waverly Union C
Webster Breckinridge C
Welchs Creek Butler C
West Louisville Daviess C
West Paducah McCracken C
Westview Breckinridge C
Wheatcroft Webster C
White Mills Hardin E
White Plains Hopkins C
Whitesville Daviess C
Wickliffe Ballard C
Wingo Graves C
Woodburn Warren C
Woodbury Butler C
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 364. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. Multiple time zones. Go to top for current time.
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