382 Area Code

Area code 382 is in Ontario (ON), Canada and some of the main locations it covers are London, Sarnia, Norfolk County, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since June 17, 2023, area code 382 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 519/226/548/382 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 382 is 06:19:27 PM (Eastern Time Zone).

Map of area code 382

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382 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1
382-200 Belmont
382-222 Exeter
382-300 Dorchester
382-333 Nairn
382-400 Crediton
382-444 Glencoe
382-457 Clinton
382-500 Harrietsville
382-600 Ilderton
382-610 London
382-666 Kerwood
382-700 Lambeth
382-777 Lucan
382-800 Melbourne
382-888 Parkhill
382-896 Kitchener-Waterloo
382-900 Strathroy
382-901 Brantford
382-999 Thorndale
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
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Cities in area code 382

City1 Time2
Aylmer E
Belmont E
Belwood E
Berkeley E
Blenheim E
Bloomingdale E
Bluevale E
Blyth E
Blytheswood E
Bognor E
Bornholm E
Bothwell E
Branchton E
Brantford E
Breslau E
Brigden E
Bright E
Bright's Grove E
Brodhagen E
Brownsville E
Brucefield E
Brunner E
Brussels E
Burford E
Burgessville E
Cambridge E
Camlachie E
Cargill E
Cathcart E
Cedar Springs E
Centralia E
Charing Cross E
Chatham E
Chatsworth E
Chepstow E
Chesley E
Clarksburg E
Clear Creek E
Clifford E
Clinton E
Coatsworth Station E
Comber E
Conestogo E
Conn E
Corunna E
Cottam E
Courtland E
Courtright E
Crediton E
Croton E
Dashwood E
Delaware E
Delhi E
Denfield E
Desboro E
Dobbinton E
Dorchester E
Dover Centre E
Drayton E
Dresden E
Drumbo E
Duart E
Dublin E
Dundalk E
Dungannon E
Durham E
Dutton E
Eden E
Eden Mills E
Egmondville E
Elmira E
Elmwood E
Elora E
Embro E
Emeryville E
Erieau E
Erin E
Essex E
Ethel E
Exeter E
Fergus E
Feversham E
Fingal E
Flesherton E
Floradale E
Florence E
Fordwich E
Forest E
Formosa E
Fullarton E
Gads Hill Station E
Glen Morris E
Glencoe E
Goderich E
Gorrie E
Gowanstown E
Grand Bend E
Grand Valley E
Grande Pointe E
Granton E
Guelph E
Hanover E
Harley E
Harrietsville E
Harriston E
Harrow E
Hawkesville E
Hay E
Heathcote E
Heidelberg E
Hensall E
Hepworth E
Hickson E
Highgate E
Hillsburgh E
Holland Centre E
Holstein E
Holyrood E
Honeywood E
Hornings Mills E
Huron Park E
Ilderton E
Ingersoll E
Innerkip E
Inwood E
Iona Station E
Jarvis E
Kemble E
Kenilworth E
Kent Bridge E
Kerwood E
Kimberley E
Kincardine E
Kingsville E
Kintore E
Kippen E
Kirkton E
Kitchener E
Komoka E
La Salette E
Lakeside E
Langton E
Lasalle E
Laurel E
Leamington E
Leith E
Linwood E
Lions Head E
Listowel E
Londesborough E
London E
Lucan E
Lucknow E
Maidstone E
Mar E
Markdale E
Maryhill E
Maxwell E
McGregor E
Meaford E
Melbourne E
Merlin E
Mildmay E
Millbank E
Miller Lake E
Milverton E
Mitchell E
Monkton E
Moorefield E
Mooretown E
Morpeth E
Morriston E
Mossley E
Mount Brydges E
Mount Elgin E
Mount Forest E
Mount Pleasant E
Muirkirk E
Muncey E
Nanticoke E
Neustadt E
New Dundee E
New Hamburg E
Newbury E
Newton E
Norfolk County E
North Buxton E
Norwich E
Oakland E
Ohsweken E
Oil City E
Oil Springs E
Oldcastle E
Orangeville E
Orton E
Otterville E
Owen Sound E
Pain Court E
Paisley E
Palmerston E
Paris E
Parkhill E
Pelee Island E
Petersburg E
Petrolia E
Plattsville E
Point Edward E
Pointe Aux Roches E
Poole E
Port Alma E
Port Burwell E
Port Dover E
Port Elgin E
Port Franks E
Port Lambton E
Port Rowan E
Port Stanley E
Priceville E
Princeton E
Proton Station E
Puslinch E
Putnam E
Ridgetown E
Ripley E
Rockton E
Rockwood E
Rodney E
Rostock E
Ruscom Station E
Ruthven E
Salford E
Sarnia E
Sauble Beach E
Scotland E
Seaforth E
Sebringville E
Shakespeare E
Shallow Lake E
Shedden E
Sheffield E
Shelburne E
Simcoe E
Sombra E
South Woodslee E
Southampton E
Southwold E
Sparta E
Springfield E
Springford E
St Agatha E
St Clements E
St George Brant E
St Jacobs E
St Joachim E
St Marys E
St Pauls Station E
St Thomas E
St Williams E
Staffa E
Staples E
Stokes Bay E
Straffordville E
Stratford E
Strathroy E
Talbotville Royal E
Tara E
Tavistock E
Tecumseh E
Teeswater E
Teeterville E
Thamesford E
Thamesville E
Thedford E
Thornbury E
Thorndale E
Tilbury E
Tillsonburg E
Tiverton E
Tobermory E
Townsend E
Troy E
Tupperville E
Turkey Point E
Union E
Vanessa E
Varna E
Vienna E
Vittoria E
Walkerton E
Wallaceburg E
Wallacetown E
Wallenstein E
Walsingham E
Walters Falls E
Walton E
Wardsville E
Waterford E
Waterloo E
Watford E
Wellesley E
West Lorne E
West Montrose E
Wheatley E
Wiarton E
Wilkesport E
Williamsford E
Wilsonville E
Windham Centre E
Windsor E
Wingham E
Woodham E
Woodstock E
Wroxeter E
Wyoming E
Zurich E
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 382. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. E stands for Eastern Time Zone (currently 06:19:27 PM).
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