447 Area Code

Area code 447 is in Illinois (IL), USA and some of the main locations it covers are Springfield, Urbana, Quincy, etc. (jump to city list below).

In service since March 27, 2021, area code 447 is an overlay Numbering Plan Area, part of overlay complex 217/447 (overlaying NPAs cover the same area).

The current time for places served by area code 447 is 05:19:37 PM (Central Time Zone).

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447 phone number location

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-200 Melvin 2/2021
447-201 Champaign-Urbana 3/3/2021
447-202 Springfield 3/3/2021
447-203 Roberts 4/2021
447-204 La Harpe 6/9/2021
447-205 Greenup 7/14/2021
447-206 Columbus 7/21/2021
447-207 Fithian 5/17/2021
447-208 Chrisman 6/24/2021
447-209 Champaign-Urbana 9/20/2021
447-210 West Dana 9/8/2021
447-212 West Union 7/28/2021
447-213 Shelbyville 7/29/2021
447-214 Fillmore 10/11/2021
447-215 Watson 8/12/2021
447-216 Danville 11/2021
447-217 Danville 02/06/2023
447-218 Champaign-Urbana 11/18/2021
447-219 Charleston 12/7/2021
447-220 Champaign-Urbana 12/10/2021
447-221 Westervelt 2/2021
447-222 Armstrong 2/2021
447-223 Findlay 2/2021
447-224 Kirksville 2/2021
447-225 Vermilion 11/4/2021
447-226 Springfield 12/15/2021
447-227 Paxton 4/17/2021
447-228 Oreana 2/3/2022
447-229 Hull 2/23/2022
447-230 Champaign-Urbana 3/4/2022
447-231 Chatham 4/13/2022
447-232 Danville 4/13/2022
447-233 Decatur 2/28/2022
447-234 Gifford 2/11/2021
447-235 Marshall 5/4/2022
447-236 Rochester 7/20/2022
447-237 Penfield 4/17/2021
447-238 Augusta 8/2022
447-239 Springfield 8/23/2022
447-240 La Harpe 10/3/2022
447-241 Taylorville 11/28/2022
447-242 Elkhart 02/06/2023
447-243 Quincy 02/08/2023
447-244 Georgetown 4/17/2021
447-245 Champaign-Urbana 02/08/2023
447-246 Danville 02/10/2023
447-247 Loda 2/16/2021
447-248 Ashland 02/16/2023
447-249 Mattoon 02/16/2023
447-250 Charleston 02/28/2023
447-251 Decatur 03/03/2023
447-252 Mattoon 03/08/2023
447-253 Beardstown 03/14/2023
447-254 Athens 04/20/2023
447-255 Alexander 05/22/2023
447-257 Mason City 4/26/2021
447-267 Oakford 4/26/2021
447-274 Petersburg 4/26/2021
447-277 Philo 4/17/2021
447-287 Decatur 7/22/2022

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-300 Mansfield 2/2021
447-301 Paris 9/8/2021
447-317 Scottville 4/26/2021
447-333 Bismarck 2/2021
447-336 Mount Pulaski 2/16/2021
447-344 Mount Sterling 4/16/2021
447-345 Cantrall 2/11/2021
447-347 Cheneyville 4/17/2021
447-348 New Berlin 2/16/2021
447-356 Riverton 2/2021
447-387 Sullivan 4/26/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-400 Sherman 2/2021
447-410 Champaign-Urbana 3/17/2021
447-417 Springfield 2/14/2022
447-427 Tallula 4/26/2021
447-432 Ludlow 2/16/2021
447-437 Basco 4/13/2021
447-440 Bowen 4/13/2021
447-441 Elvaston 4/13/2021
447-442 West Dana 5/14/2021
447-444 Bondville 2/2021
447-445 Indianola 3/18/2021
447-446 Champaign-Urbana 2/12/2021
447-448 Springfield 2/12/2021
447-449 Danville 9/22/2021
447-457 Sutter 4/13/2021
447-465 Henning 2/2021
447-466 Chatham 2/23/2022
447-467 Williamsville 4/26/2021
447-474 Tuscola 4/18/2021
447-477 Fisher 2/11/2021
447-487 Quincy 2/14/2022
447-497 Mattoon 2/14/2022

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-500 Hammond 2/2021
447-529 Decatur 2/2021
447-547 Thawville 4/18/2021
447-557 Sidell 4/18/2021
447-574 Rushville 4/16/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-600 Tolono 2/2021
447-610 Jacksonville 3/17/2021
447-626 Jacksonville 9/8/2021
447-627 Sibley 4/18/2021
447-644 Royal 4/18/2021
447-647 Mahomet 4/17/2021
447-666 Buckley 2/2021
447-667 Ogden 2/16/2021
447-674 Ivesdale 4/17/2021
447-677 Potomac 4/18/2021
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-715 Springfield 9/8/2021
447-725 Champaign-Urbana 9/8/2021
447-737 East Lynn 4/17/2021
447-743 Springfield 5/28/2021
447-744 Broadlands 4/17/2021
447-747 Barry 4/16/2021
447-758 Illiopolis 2/16/2021
447-766 Catlin 10/26/2021
447-770 Quincy 3/8/2022
447-774 Homer 4/17/2021
447-777 Danville 2/2021
447-783 Ridge Farm 1/13/2022
447-784 Springfield 6/22/2021
447-785 Springfield 6/22/2021
447-786 Harristown 2/16/2021
447-787 Springfield 4/2021
447-788 Springfield 4/2021
447-792 Danville 4/5/2022
NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-800 Rankin 2/2021
447-810 Mattoon 3/17/2021
447-832 Oakwood 3/17/2022
447-837 Buffalo 2/23/2022
447-842 Divernon 2/16/2021
447-867 Westville 5/28/2021
447-876 Decatur 6/22/2021
447-888 Rantoul 2/2021
447-895 Champaign-Urbana 11/22/2021

NPANXX Area served1 Date2
447-900 Sidney 2/2021
447-901 Jacksonville 3/24/2021
447-902 Champaign-Urbana 8/5/2021
447-910 Springfield 3/18/2021
447-946 Modesto 2/16/2021
447-999 Flatville 2/2021
  1. For 'Area served' we list the rate center. In the North American Numbering Plan a rate center is a geographic area used to determine local calling boundaries for billing purposes. Its name is generally a locality, often not the only one served by an NPA-NXX combination.
  2. Assignment date.
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Cities in area code 447

City1 County Time2
Alexander Morgan C
Allerton Vermilion C
Alsey Scott C
Alvin Vermilion C
Arcola Douglas C
Arenzville Cass C
Argenta Macon C
Armstrong Vermilion C
Arthur Douglas C
Ashland Cass C
Ashmore Coles C
Assumption Christian C
Athens Menard C
Atlanta Logan C
Atwood Douglas C
Auburn Sangamon C
Augusta Hancock C
Barry Pike C
Basco Hancock C
Baylis Pike C
Beardstown Cass C
Beason Logan C
Bement Piatt C
Benld Macoupin C
Bethany Moultrie C
Bingham Fayette C
Bismarck Vermilion C
Blue Mound Macon C
Bluff Springs Cass C
Bluffs Scott C
Bondville Champaign C
Boody Macon C
Bowen Hancock C
Broadlands Champaign C
Brocton Edgar C
Browning Schuyler C
Buckley Iroquois C
Buffalo Sangamon C
Bulpitt Christian C
Butler Montgomery C
Camargo Douglas C
Camden Schuyler C
Camp Point Adams C
Cantrall Sangamon C
Carlinville Macoupin C
Carrollton Greene C
Carthage Hancock C
Casey Clark C
Catlin Vermilion C
Cerro Gordo Piatt C
Chambersburg Pike C
Champaign Champaign C
Chandlerville Cass C
Chapin Morgan C
Charleston Coles C
Chatham Sangamon C
Chestnut Logan C
Chrisman Edgar C
Cisco Piatt C
Clayton Adams C
Clinton Dewitt C
Coatsburg Adams C
Coffeen Montgomery C
Collison Vermilion C
Colusa Hancock C
Concord Morgan C
Cornland Logan C
Cowden Shelby C
Dallas City Hancock C
Dalton City Moultrie C
Danville Vermilion C
Dawson Sangamon C
De Land Piatt C
Decatur Macon C
Dennison Clark C
Dewey Champaign C
Dewitt Dewitt C
Dieterich Effingham C
Divernon Sangamon C
Donnellson Montgomery C
Eagarville Macoupin C
East Lynn Vermilion C
Edinburg Christian C
Effingham Effingham C
Eldred Greene C
Elkhart Logan C
Elliott Ford C
Elvaston Hancock C
Elwin Macon C
Emden Logan C
Fairmount Vermilion C
Farmersville Montgomery C
Ferris Hancock C
Fillmore Montgomery C
Findlay Shelby C
Fisher Champaign C
Fithian Vermilion C
Foosland Champaign C
Forsyth Macon C
Fowler Adams C
Franklin Morgan C
Frederick Schuyler C
Gays Moultrie C
Georgetown Vermilion C
Gibson City Ford C
Gifford Champaign C
Gillespie Macoupin C
Girard Macoupin C
Glenarm Sangamon C
Golden Adams C
Greenfield Greene C
Greenup Cumberland C
Greenview Menard C
Griggsville Pike C
Hamilton Hancock C
Hammond Piatt C
Harristown Macon C
Hartsburg Logan C
Harvel Montgomery C
Henning Vermilion C
Hillsboro Montgomery C
Hillview Greene C
Hindsboro Douglas C
Homer Champaign C
Hoopeston Vermilion C
Hull Pike C
Humboldt Coles C
Hume Edgar C
Huntsville Schuyler C
Illiopolis Sangamon C
Indianola Vermilion C
Irving Montgomery C
Ivesdale Champaign C
Jacksonville Morgan C
Janesville Cumberland C
Jewett Cumberland C
Kane Greene C
Kansas Edgar C
Kenney Dewitt C
Kincaid Christian C
Kinderhook Pike C
La Harpe Hancock C
La Place Piatt C
La Prairie Adams C
Lake Fork Logan C
Lakewood Shelby C
Lane Dewitt C
Latham Logan C
Lawndale Logan C
Lerna Coles C
Liberty Adams C
Lima Adams C
Lincoln Logan C
Lincolns New Salem Menard C
Litchfield Montgomery C
Literberry Morgan C
Loami Sangamon C
Loda Iroquois C
Lomax Henderson C
Longview Champaign C
Loraine Adams C
Lovington Moultrie C
Lowder Sangamon C
Ludlow Champaign C
Macon Macon C
Mahomet Champaign C
Manchester Scott C
Mansfield Piatt C
Maroa Macon C
Marshall Clark C
Martinsville Clark C
Mason City Mason C
Mattoon Coles C
Mechanicsburg Sangamon C
Melvin Ford C
Mendon Adams C
Meredosia Morgan C
Metcalf Edgar C
Middletown Logan C
Milmine Piatt C
Milton Pike C
Mode Shelby C
Modesto Macoupin C
Monticello Piatt C
Montrose Effingham C
Morrisonville Christian C
Mount Auburn Christian C
Mount Olive Macoupin C
Mount Pulaski Logan C
Mount Sterling Brown C
Mount Zion Macon C
Moweaqua Christian C
Muncie Vermilion C
Murdock Douglas C
Murrayville Morgan C
Nauvoo Hancock C
Nebo Pike C
Neoga Cumberland C
New Berlin Sangamon C
New Canton Pike C
New Douglas Madison C
New Holland Logan C
New Salem Pike C
Newman Douglas C
Niantic Macon C
Nilwood Macoupin C
Niota Hancock C
Nokomis Montgomery C
Oakford Menard C
Oakland Coles C
Oakwood Vermilion C
Oconee Shelby C
Ogden Champaign C
Ohlman Montgomery C
Oreana Macon C
Owaneco Christian C
Palmer Christian C
Palmyra Macoupin C
Paloma Adams C
Pana Christian C
Panama Montgomery C
Paris Edgar C
Patterson Greene C
Pawnee Sangamon C
Paxton Ford C
Payson Adams C
Pearl Pike C
Penfield Champaign C
Perry Pike C
Pesotum Champaign C
Petersburg Menard C
Philo Champaign C
Pittsfield Pike C
Plainville Adams C
Pleasant Hill Pike C
Pleasant Plains Sangamon C
Potomac Vermilion C
Quincy Adams C
Rankin Vermilion C
Rantoul Champaign C
Raymond Montgomery C
Redmon Edgar C
Ridge Farm Vermilion C
Riverton Sangamon C
Roberts Ford C
Rochester Sangamon C
Rockport Pike C
Roodhouse Greene C
Rosamond Christian C
Rossville Vermilion C
Royal Champaign C
Rushville Schuyler C
Sadorus Champaign C
Savoy Champaign C
Sawyerville Macoupin C
Scottville Macoupin C
Seymour Champaign C
Shelbyville Shelby C
Sherman Sangamon C
Shumway Effingham C
Sibley Ford C
Sidell Vermilion C
Sidney Champaign C
Sigel Shelby C
Sorento Bond C
Springfield Sangamon C
St Joseph Champaign C
Stewardson Shelby C
Stonington Christian C
Strasburg Shelby C
Sullivan Moultrie C
Sutter Hancock C
Tallula Menard C
Taylor Springs Montgomery C
Taylorville Christian C
Teutopolis Effingham C
Thawville Iroquois C
Thayer Sangamon C
Thomasboro Champaign C
Tilton Vermilion C
Timewell Brown C
Toledo Cumberland C
Tolono Champaign C
Tovey Christian C
Tower Hill Shelby C
Trilla Coles C
Tuscola Douglas C
Urbana Champaign C
Ursa Adams C
Vermilion Edgar C
Versailles Brown C
Villa Grove Douglas C
Virden Macoupin C
Virginia Cass C
Waggoner Montgomery C
Walshville Montgomery C
Wapella Dewitt C
Warrensburg Macon C
Warsaw Hancock C
Watson Effingham C
Waverly Morgan C
Waynesville Dewitt C
Weldon Dewitt C
West Point Hancock C
West Union Clark C
Westfield Clark C
Westville Vermilion C
Wheeler Jasper C
White Hall Greene C
White Heath Piatt C
Williamsville Sangamon C
Wilsonville Macoupin C
Winchester Scott C
Windsor Shelby C
Witt Montgomery C
Woodson Morgan C
Wrights Greene C
  1. Listed above are most places served by area code 447. When multiple places in a state/province share the same name we list the largest one only. Cities with population over 50,000 are displayed in bold text.
  2. C stands for Central Time Zone (currently 05:19:37 PM).
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